For over two decades, we have engaged in prosecution of thousands of foreign and domestic patent applications in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, communication engineering, and information processing, among many other fields. We also offer trademark, design, and copyright services. We provide consultation and opinions on intellectual property issues and conduct patent searches. Our clients include many companies that are frontline technology innovators.


We have extensive experience in prosecuting patents and trademarks worldwide. Based on our long experience in domestic and overseas patent and trademark prosecutions, we offer our collective expertise in drafting comments on validity of intellectual property rights, taking into account differences in practice in Japan and in your country.


Japanese is extremely different from many other languages in structure, grammar, and writing system. In addition, in many situations, direct translation is not possible, and a completely different sentence structure makes translation very difficult and time-consuming.

Translation requires understanding text in one language and finding the correct way to express the matter in another language. Patent application documents, however, also contain many technical terms that most cannot understand. This further complicates translations of patent documents.

In the Japan Patent Office database, there are many poorly written patent applications with translation problems made by inexperienced translators unfamiliar with the field of technology and lacking experience in patent practice. Poor or incorrect translation of patent applications can lead to serious misunderstandings, resulting in unnecessary risks and increased cost.

Our professional technical background and long experience in domestic and foreign patent prosecution allows us to draft technically correct applications of high quality that are natural in style and can be easily understood. We also provide high-quality, easy-to-understand English translations of official communications from the Japan Patent Office.


Good communication is essential in developing and maintaining relationships with clients. Our experienced staff offer sincere and frank opinions and specific advice in fluent English based on careful professional analysis.